Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you put screws on the flat versus the rib?
What's the thickness of your steel?
What does my warranty cover?
Is there a workmanship warranty?
How does living on the oceanfront affect my warranty?
What's the difference between your textured and smooth panels?
Do you need to strap a roof for metal installation?
Do you recommend installing metal over my existing shingles?
Do you offer fascia cladding?
Will the metal panels rust on the raw or cut edges?
Should I use a grinder to cut my metal?
Can I order custom trims?
Will my roof colour fade?
Do I need to pay a deposit before you process my order?
What is the difference between galvalume and galvanized?
What are the advantages of your textured metal panels?
What are the advantages of your smooth metal panels?
Will my wood strapping eventually rot?
Is airflow necessary between the metal panels and roof surface?
Do you remove whirly vents?
How do you flash brick chimneys?
How do you install flashing around skylights?
Will snow slide off my metal roof?
Will my metal roof blow off in a hurricane?
Will my roof be noisy when it rains?
Will my attic be hot with the metal roof?
Can I walk on my new metal roof?
Will my metal roof attract lightning?
Can you install metal steps to my chimney?
How many colours do you offer?
Do you also install siding?
Do you offer a hidden fastener roof system?
Do you give out free quotes?
Do you manufacture your own roof panels and trims?
How does installing a metal roof impact my house insurance ?

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