About Us

      In 2012, Johnny Wall and his Uncle, Dave Wall, began to realize the demand for quality,
affordable and reliable roofing. Knowing that metal was a rising and effective trend, they
decided to take on the challenge of fulfilling these demands themselves.
Business began slowly while they worked out of various storage sheds, loading and unloading
all materials by hand. As word spread of their remarkable workmanship, the number of inquiries
and contracts began to grow. Over the next few years, the business expanded exponentially
gaining more than 100 jobs annually. They first recruited Johnny’s brother Joe, and gradually
more and more family and friends until a team of six crews was formed. Together these crews
work toward the common goal of ensuring that they uphold a strong work ethic, a positive
attitude and a happy and satisfied clientele.
Looking back at our humble beginnings, it is with pride that we would like to invite you to our
beautiful new Walls Metal Roofing warehouse, which was custom designed and built by our
team. It is equipped with a showroom, manufacturing equipment with its skilled operators,
dependable products and much more.
With much anticipation and excitement, we are striving to one day be the leaders of metal
roofing across Nova Scotia, sheltering you with modern and life enduring roofs for years to come.

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